The Sparta Ion — Europe's Number One E-Bike


We aren't sure if the claim is accurate, but the Ion Comfort (pictured here) was awarded Bike of the Year in 2004, the company is Dutch, and they have been making motorised bikes for 75 years, so maybe it is. In simple terms the Ion series has a pedal assist noiseless magnetic motor in the rear wheel with battery storage hidden in the frame’s tubing. Lighting is integrated and being battery driven doesn’t fade at traffic lights like dynamos do. Tho’ should the battery be flat, it converts to a dynamo! The bikes come with a handlebar mounted (removable) display to indicate speed and battery charge remaining. Sparta claim that at about 28kg (62 lb) their bikes are more comfortable to ride when resorting to pure pedal power than other brands. Range is said to be around 55 km (34 miles) when moving at about 25 kph (16 mph). ::Sparta Ion, via Gizmag.