The Sandwich Bike - Two for One


We’ve had a plethora of stunning bicycles grace the pixels here, but the Sandwich Bike might just be the most beautiful so far. If only for it’s intentions. Though its visage is none too shabby either. Designers Basten Leijh, Imre Verhoeven and Pieter Janssen wanted to do good, by designing creatively. As we understand it (and feel free to correct us, if we got confused), their idea is to craft a bike twice as cheap as standard models. This will allow the purchaser to basically buy two for the price of one. He/She keeps one, while another can be shipped to developing countries to provide much needed transport, such as enabling rural kids to cover long distances to school. Their vision being that a donation of mobility, unlike money, will not be subject to corruption. Like, no despot would want to steal bikes from an aid program, now would they? Well, maybe they got that reasoning wrong! For, according to 'Core 77', some evil-doer just stole the prototype from a recent trade show. And when you think about the out-of-the-box design that went into this bike, you do begin to appreciate that unscrupulous fiend’s envy.


Inspired by IKEA, the Sandwich Bike comes flat packed in a cardboard box. Two wooden plate sides are secured through four identical ‘smart cylinders’, which house the cranks and such forth. The weld-less frame and components all assemble with a single tool. This is designed to reduce transport and construction costs, with the intention of more bikes for more people. Simply gorgeous. (Investors are sought to give the project legs, er, wheels.) ::Sandwich Bike via Core 77 and Bleijh Design. With much thanks to Lloyd for the tip.