The Recyclery: A Tale of Two Cities and Two Wheels


Great minds think alike ... Here we have two organisations, almost on different sides of a country, doing much the same thing, with the same name.

The Recyclery, in Evanston, Illinois, a non-profit collective, seeks to build community through the restoration of donated and discarded bicycles. "With these bikes we offer a sustainable form of transportation at little to no cost. We wish to further open ourselves and our resources to the community at large with programs that teach bicycle maintenance, safety, and ecological sustainability."At the Recyclery Bicycle Shop in Portland, Oregon they buy, sell, trade, and barter bicycle related items. "We are not a co-op, but an emerging business as a way of life. We are run by reusing & rebuilding unnew bicycles; from modern to exotic, from frames to accessories, and everything in between."

The former has just, this past weekend, had it's monthly sale of bikes, as repaired and made roadworthy by volunteers. The latter has a shop where you could buy the the pictured Schwinn (right) for $200.

Both provide a valuable service to the broader community--getting low cost, salvaged and locally cared-for bicycles into the hands of people, who'll find them a very economical, efficient and ecological form of transport. Plus they can learn skills in how to repair and refurbish these same magnificent machines.

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