The Princess of Bicycles

The Princess is the royalty of Pashley Cycles. Hand built since 1926 by a small English company, these bicycles are true classics. With just 28 employees and no assembly lines or conveyor belts, there is a pride of product reflected in the strength of design of the bikes. The Princess has high handlebars and lower seat positions which encourage a straight-backed ride. There is a sturdy mud and chain guard so that long skirts do not get caught--and a wicker carrier basket for flowers and bread. The majority of the company's bicycles are work-bikes. The Royal Mail has its own specially commissioned model that accommodates mail in the rear and front. The Freightmate is good for heavy duty load carrying. For deliveries around congested downtown city streets, sandwich chain Pret a Manger uses courier bikes for its lunchtime orders and as do Domino's Pizza. For children there is the Pickle, a small sturdy tricycle. As the Director, Adrian Williams says: "There seems to be a kick against the mass-produced. People are increasingly looking for originality, something that you can't get anywhere else". :: Independent