The One Tip for Staying Safe on a Bike?

bike safety photo

Image credit: NYC Bicycle Safety Coalition

From safety in numbers to bad ass bike helmets to avoiding psychos with guns (and locking them up for longer than 120 days!), there are plenty of ways to keep cyclists safe. Or safer. But for one London police office, the trick to staying safe boils down to one simple action. According to Helen Pidd at the Guardian, having talked with a Metropolitan Police officer whose job it was to pick up the pieces after a bike accident, the one simple trick for staying safe on a bike is to never, ever cut inside a lorry (that's a truck to you US readers). In fact, the police officer was so adamant of the importance that this was the only piece of advice he would give—stating that more than half of the cyclists killed in London died because they ignored this rule.

Of course the sample size of one does not mean this is a scientific survey, and there are plenty of other things you can do to stay safe. But just in case you didn't have enough reasons already to never put your vulnerable unprotected self in the blind spot of a giagantic, heavy, moving vehicle, I thought it was a tip worth sharing.

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