The Most Impressive Hoard of Recycled Bikes Ever? (Video)

mr biggles bike recycling photo

Image credit: The Journey TV

From the ReCYCLEry in North Carolina to bike co-ops in LA, there are plenty of people out there giving old life to new bikes—whether those bikes have been bought, scavenged or donated. But the bike warehouse of one Mr Biggles, in an undisclosed location somewhere in the UK, might just be the most impressive hoard I have seen yet. And there is video to prove the existence of this treasure trove...OK, so I have no doubt that the warehouses of non-profits like Pedals for Progress are at least as impressive as Mr Biggles' hoard, but what makes this effort so astounding to me is that it appears to be one guy's efforts to restore, customize and renovate the best in pedal powered transportation.

The video is just one in a series of mini-documentaries called The Journey which travels from community to community documenting ordinary people reaching out to friends and neighbors and taking small steps to build a greener, fairer and, if Mr Biggles is anything to go by, much more fun world for us all.

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