The Leonardo: Sleek, Simple Bike Storage


Bike storage is something TreeHugger has mentioned a time or two; though it's perhaps our favorite way to get around, when not in use, bicycles can be a bit cumbersome and difficult to get out of the way. If you are out of space in your garage (or don't have one), and locking it up on the street isn't a safe option, we recommend something like the Leonardo single bike hook. It gets your bike up off the floor with a minimum of material, eschewing an elaborate pulley system in favor of a single hook. The tire tray option helps keeps tire marks off the wall, and the whole thing is sleek enough not to be an eyesore when the bike isn't there. $19.99 gets you both the hook and the tire tray; you can knock five bucks off if you don't care about skid marks on the wall. ::Delta Design via ::swissmiss

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