The JANO Dual Bike: A Ply-wood By-cycle


TreeHugger loves bikes. There is no greener form of transport. But we often cop flak for showcasing up-and-coming designs that you can't race down to your local bike store and buy. Frankly, we don't care. Prototypes and concepts demonstrate that minds are ticking out there. And so much better that industrial design students and design studio interns develop new models for bicycles, than yet one more chair or lightfitting. Save us! So here we go again. Roland Kaufmann, of Austria, not only conceived the Dual Bike. But he wandered away from his CAD program long enough to craft a rudimentary but functioning prototype. Wooden kayaks sparked his interest and then he determined "that wood is up to 10 times stiffer than fibreglass and nearly 6 times stiffer than a kevlar/epoxy composite." Plus he discovered that a specially prepared wood veneer shaped into a 3D profile could offer the bump absorption of carbon fibre but with the responsive feel of steel. That same profiling allowed the timber thickness to be reduced by 45%. The plywood frame creates a storage space 'tween the cross bar and down tube for stowing small goodies. Other features of the design include maintenance-free belt drive connecting to internal rear hub gearing. In keeping with its European heritage a low resistance hub dynamo powers the integrated front and rear LED lights. Dunno how practical it will all be, but hey, we just like to see people thinking creatively about green design. Many more pics and info to be found at ::JANO Dual Bike at GP, via Core 77.