The GoBike - Another Snappy Folder


Around for a few years winning design awards, but not widely available at retail, the GoBike does appear to be popping up a bit more now. The iXi, Birdy, Bike Friday, Moulton and Brompton will have to welcome a newcomer to their ranks of hip, compact bicycles. Designed in Canada and made in Taiwan, the GoBike is made of aluminium, weighing in at about the 11 to 12 kg (24-26 lb) mark. It is said to ride and perform just like a full size bike, suiting riders from 142cm (4 ft 8 in) to 193cm (6 ft 4 in). As the pic indicates it can fold up to a tiny package - and like the Bike Friday - fit inside a suitcase. Yet it still sports high performance attributes, like a anti-dive front disk braking (rear disk brakes optional), and a very cool looking monoblade (single fork) front suspension. A plethora of accessories are available including carriers and panniers and travel bags. As is a non-folding frame version, known as the Tango, which has its own very trippy frame (see photo after the fold, so to speak). Their official website is a frustrating work-in-progress, but after much digging we did unearth another far more useful site complete with technical specs and photos. In Europe prices seem to start around €1,249, while in Canada expect to pay $1,500 CAD for base model. ::GoBike, via Corporate Knights.

The Tango (with non-folding frame, well rear forks to be precise.)


Other views of the folding GoBike