The Gentle Art of Community Bike Maintenance (Video)

kebele bike workshop photo

Image credit: The Journey TV

From bike co-ops in LA, to this massive stash of recycled bikes somewhere in the UK, one of the most encouraging things about bike transportation is how egalitarian it is. Almost anyone can learn the art of bike mechanics. And there are plenty of community-based organizations willing to teach you. Check out the video below the fold to see how a free bike workshop helps bring a community together. In the interests of transparency, I should note that as with many of the videos from The Journey TV—the folks who brought us video of an underused train station turned gardening hub, efforts to restore 600 square miles of caledonian forest, a reclaimed timber lumber yard, and even an (once) illegal roundhouse—the Kebele bike workshop is in my old hometown in Bristol, and a few of the faces are familiar.

Bikes are simple, sturdy and robust tools. And they are tools that we can all learn to maintain, and even enhance. Appropriate technology at its best, combined with community-focused activism. Sometimes change is as simple as that.

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