The DIY Propeller Trike—300 RPMs of Spinning Fury (with Video)


Topping the third round of Popular Mechanics' DIY Rally 2007 is the work of Damon Vander Lind of MIT. He says he's been reading PM since he was a kid, and it shows. His recumbent propeller trike is cobbled together from Frankenstiened bike parts and fiberglass blades that he crafted himself (with a simple process called "sandbagging." Sure, easy.) "The propeller is similar to one Vander Lind made for a wind turbine to power a friend's yurt," and they are hollowed out and wired with LED lights, creating a spinning circle at night when they get up to 300 rpms. Vander Lind says the propeller trike took him 3 weeks to build and about $500. I'm picturing the road race right now: the propeller trike, the HyperBike, and the Pterosail. The point of it all? It's clever and it's crafty. Beyond that, you got me. Check out the video below the fold to see him spinning around Cambridge, MA and blending up some migratory pigeons (kidding). :: Popular Mechanics (Image and video credit: Popular Mechanics)