The Circular Bike, a.k.a. "Vicious Cycle"

Circular Bike photo
Circular Bike made from Salvaged Parts
Yeah, it's pointless and not necessarily green, but once in a while you just gotta have fun with bike culture. We'd rather see this than "pimp my car". As one commenter on reddit sait:

  • [ ] useful
  • [X] want one

Or as another one said: "I would like to suggest the name 'Vicious Cycle'".

More photos and details on the creator below.Circular Bike photo
Circular Bike photo
More Info on the Circular Bike
The circular bike was made by Robert Wechsler in the Spring of 2003 at UCSB.

"Nine salvaged bikes were reassembled into a carousel formation. The bike is modular and can be dismantled and reassembled. It is normally left in public places where it can attract a variety of riders."

Circular Bike photo
Original Circular Bike Photo, via reddit

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