The Bike Thief: Video Exposes Cyclist's Vulnerability, and Public's Complicity

We love bikes here at TreeHugger, but many of us know first hand how vulnerable they can be to theft, especially if we live in urban areas. Unfortunately, the problem is compounded by the fact that very few people are willing to step in and do something when they see a crime happening. As could be seen in our post on a Man Caught Stealing Bike Wheels, Set to Music, there are plenty of people who get angry about this kind of behavior though, but are we willing to stand up and be counted when we see it happening in the street? Who knows, maybe one day innovative solutions like the In-Lock will make bike theft impossible, but somehow we suspect there’ll always be someone looking to exploit the easy targets.

Now we’ve come across another NYC-based video showing just how easy it is to steal a bike and get away with it. The Neistat Brothers, apparently avid cyclists, got so sick of losing bikes, and bike parts to thieves, they thought they’d expose just how easy this kind of theft is. And by the way, the bike, and lock, is their own. ::Neistat Brothers:: via YouTube::

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