The Battle of the Sidewalks: Pedestrian-On-Pedestrian Crashes Increasing


Image credit: CC by Flickr user Professor Bop

The usually reliable Transportation Nation reports that rates of pedestrian on pedestrian crashes and accidents in New York City are increasing.

"Frankly, we were just shocked to find out that the average New Yorker is involved in 4.6 pedestrian-on-pedestrian crashes every year," said Deputy Transportation Commissioner Gustav Andando.

The mayor's office defends the City and its sidewalks.

A high placed official in the Mayor's office, who asked not to be named due to the increasingly contentious and politicized nature of pedestrian-on-pedestrian collisions, stressed that city streets are still pleasant to walk on, and people should not change their commuting habits. "Walking is still safe in New York. In fact, survival rates of pedestrian-on-pedestrian collisions are in the upper 99th percentile thanks to modern medicine, the nature of walking, and what with people being much softer than cars are.

"This is still the safest large city in America"

TreeHugger notes that few of the pedestrians in the photograph accompanying TransportationNation's post are wearing reflective clothing, orange vests or helmets.

Nor has New York taken the kinds of measures that they have in London to Stop the Walking and Texting Carnage.

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