The Amazing Forkless "Phantom Bike" by Olli Erkkila

forkless bike olli photo
Photo: Olli Erkkila

Who Needs a Front Fork?

Designer Olli Erkkila has made lots of unusual bikes, but this might be the strangest one yet. This Forkless Cruiser, aka Phantom Bike, looks at first glance like the front wheel is being steered magically (check out the video below). It's a cool effect, and even when you know how it works, it still looks strangely cool. More photos below.

forkless bike olli photo
Photo: Olli Erkkila

Nobody can say that it doesn't work!

I think it looks especially cool when filmed in action from far enough away that you can't quite see the mechanism linked to the front wheel!

forkless bike olli photo
Photo: Olli Erkkila

Here's one of the original sketches. Really a clever idea.

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Via Olli Erkkila, Scene360

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