That's 'One' (Weird Looking) Folding Bike


The ‘One’ bike is a design concept by industrial designer, Thomas Owen, a recent graduate of the UK’s University of Derby, from whence he departed with a B. Sc. (Hons) in Product Design, Innovation and Eco-design. Seems he studied subjects like Eco-design Methods and Strategies, Eco-design Management, Eco-design Applications and Appropriate Technology. Some of which must have lead him to take on the not inconsiderable challenge of redesigning the world’s most efficient means of transporting humans. A prototype ‘One’ bicycle was made, but it doesn’t look like it was quite road-ready. We do however like that Thomas did think outside the diamond (frame), though wonder if he was influenced by the Locust by Czech designer, Josef Cadek? Either way it’s an interesting take for a cute looking city bike. ::Thomas Owen via Yanko

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