Test Drive a Bicycle from the Bicycle Library

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The Bicycle Library is a lending library--for bicycles. Interested, wanna-be cycle buyers can take out a bike for a day, just like the library, and test drive it. If you like it, the library links you up with the right bicycle dealer and your rental goes toward the purchase.

So sensible: prospective buyers can make an informed decision about what they want, instead of test-driving a bicycle in a shop for 10 minutes.

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Photo: bicyclelibrary

The "library" is a bicycle matchmaker between cyclists and the dealers. Seven different types of bicycles are available for daily rental: folding, MiniVelo, FGSS, Coasters, cargo and electric.

Expert advice on which bike to rent or buy is available through the in-house "librarian" , shall we say bike specialist. There's an array of actual books on bicycles for reference, as well

The B.AMBULANCE (Bicycle.AMBULANCE) is also part of the fleet parked in the bike lot, where they offer secure parking, servicing and customising of bicycles.

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Photo: bicyclelibrary

To make things even more fun, the operation is housed in an old renovated double decker bus. On the top floor there is a gallery of bicycle art and screenings of bicycle-related films are also held. Not to mention a clothing store.

In an effort to spread the word about the joys of cycling, the bus travels around. It even went to the Houses of Parliament, where its operators spoke to Members of Parliament about cycling initiatives

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The creator of this wonder is a renaissance man, bicycle division. He sees it as a way of developing a community around cycling and buying bicycles in an informed way.

He is also a designer of clothing for cycling TWOnFRO City Cycle Gear . It's designed to be sophisticated clothing for city cyclists. They pride themselves on having "a number of very clever designs utilising the features you'd want and expect from cycle clothing but without making you look like an all too familiar london cyclist (think hi viz and lycra)."

The clothing range is hand made at workshops in Shenzen, China, using solely recycled or highly sustainable material such as bamboo, kevlar, boat sails and parachutes. They say it's "designed for the silent confidence of city cyclists everywhere".

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