Team Cycad: Bicycle Billboards


Okay, so billboards are often first grade visual pollution. But they aren’t going away tomorrow. And some bright sparks have taken to towing them around town on the back of trucks or on trailers behind extra polluting two stroke engine motorbikes. No only are these versions both visually and olfactorally stinky, but the mobile ones contribute a whole heap more CO2 emissions than an advert sitting quietly still on a highway or railway verge. If we are going to have billboards galavanting around our cities shouldn’t they be emission-free? Team Cycad believe so. They arrange to have teams of four athletic cyclists towing little billboard trailers, complete with the latest in “anti-cross wind technology’ ! Additionally they figure the sight of pedal bikers helps promoting city cycling and general health, not to mention ad campaigns can also traverse bike paths, as well as parks and gardens. An Australian inspired idea, but as the New York based campaign in the lower pic indicates, one with global reach. ::Team Cycad, via tip from Marcus B.

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