Taking Back the Streets: Parking Meter Parties


Coupe Bizzare cutting hair in the street

It was supposed to be a big party for World Car-Free Day. "According to the same guys that ticket cyclists for biking the wrong way down one-way streets, a bicycle is a "vehicle". Thanks to this categorization, you can legally transform any parking spot into a park by feeding the meter and parking your "vehicle" (i.e. your bike) there instead - don't forget to display your receipt under your "windshield".


Bike Pirates fixing bikes

"Roll out sod, have a tea party, play chess, sing a song, issue fake traffic tickets - the street is your playground! Even auto-addicts can't hide their curiosity. You'll make a lot of strangers re-think their urban landscape."


Australian Boot Company Tossing Shoes

Perhaps I got there too early, because I saw just three spaces occupied by something other than cars. Last year was far busier. ::Streets are for People
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