Take The Winter B-icicle Challenge

Frankly, riding a bike all winter isn't easy or fun all the time; it's cold out there. But Emily D’Ath and Monica Tan, two expats living in Beijing, are challenging people around the world to do it, for good reasons:

  • To see if we can put our money where our mouth is in regards to living a greener life, and not just when weather permits
  • A good time to reflect about those people without homes during winter
  • We love riding our bikes and don’t want to go three months without it
  • We hate traffic jams!
They permit a few escape clauses, including:

  • The road is so icy we’ll most probably break our necks
  • We have a meeting or activity that is more than an hour bike ride away
  • We’re so sick with the flu we can’t even be bothered to watch The Wire

Monica and EmilyMonica and Emily/via

But other than that, the plan is to ride all winter. I would have thought that in Beijing it wouldn't be much of a challenge at all; it barely goes below freezing and there is not much precipitation in December and January. But then I would just be showing off.

This is a terrific initiative; read more here and sign up on Facebook here.

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Take The Winter B-icicle Challenge
Two cyclists from Beijing challenge the world to ride all winter

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