Take a bike ride with Amsterdam's former mayor, Job Cohen (video)

Cycling with Job
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The short film below was created by the volunteer documentary filmmakers at CyclingWith. It's a really cool concept: "a series of film interviews we make with various people while they take us for a cycle around different parts of their cities that appeal to them. The interviews cover a broad range of subjects, and cycling!"

This one is with Job Cohen, the former mayor of Amsterdam (2001-2010). You know how much we love what Amsterdam has done to make the city friendly to cyclists, so no need to get into that again...

Check it out:

Cycling with JobVimeo/Screen capture

Here's the description of the video from CyclingWith:

Job Cohen is a Dutch politician.

From 2001 – 2010, he was the mayor of Amsterdam, and its citizens endearingly call him ‘Job’. Job became the first public official to wed same-sex couples. Time Magazine awarded him the title “European Hero” in 2005, for his inclusive approach towards ethnic minorities in the city.

Job prefers to cycle to meetings; and we got to cycle along for a while and have a chat with him.

And if you're wondering how they're filming this (as I was), well, sometimes the low-tech methods are the best:

CyclingWith© CyclingWith

There are more short films on CyclingWith, and new ones are coming later this month (stay tuned).

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