Take a Load off Your Hind with CETMA Bike Racks

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Lane Kagay is the one-man-operation that is CETMAracks. It's run solely by himself in a small shop in Eugene, Oregon, with no automation, mechanized assembly, robots, lasers, sorcery, superpowers or psychic beavers. Occasionally, he hires humans to help. But mostly it’s just Lane who has to cut the steel, drill the holes, weld, grind, finish, assemble, pack, and ship.

His steel bicycle racks are built for the daily abuse of real-life cycle courier-work. They are front mounted, because Lane reckons that rear wheels and rear bike frames are weaker that the front, while heavy loads transported on the rear cause a bike frame to flex in a scary fashion, and being behind can shift and fall when you least expect it.

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The racks, which can be ordered with a powder coated finish, don’t come with a load limit, but apparently once you pass the 40 lb (18 kg) mark the steering needs more concentration. And we imagine not piling stuff so high you can't see over it, would be a rudimentary safety consideration. But as the above pic indicates, others think differently.

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We love any device that removes further excuses for not riding a bicycle. So between a CETMA rack, a Xtracycle and/or a bike trailer you should be able to transport pretty much any household or office cargo you desire. On ya bike!

CETMA Racks, via a great little five minute video of Lane building his racks from Tramnesia

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