Swobo Do Bikes Too


There is so much wonderful wordsmithing on this site that I'm just going to cut and paste to tell the story. From the keyboard of Swobo: "Great companies are not defined by their products. Great companies are defined by the ideas they embody, or the point of view they broadcast within a culture. Swobo bikes will ooze the same design ideology that has been evolving within our clothing. Our goal is to position Swobo bikes somewhere between grabbing a skateboard or the keys to the old Volkswagen. We wanted a kicked-back urban bash-mobile that can be dropped, stepped on, bike-piled and launched. All our bikes can be ridden in jeans, but the Folsom can be ridden in a snowmobile suit. With some BMX dust thrown into the look, feel and ride, it begs to be beaten into submission. With no brake levers to grab, you will always have one hand free for waving, not drowning. This bike will make you laugh. Like your sisters hot friend, they are mesmerizingly beautiful in an ugly kind of way.""We made a decision when we re-started Swobo, that we would create a life long project that delivers more than just products. We're not interested in that. In fact it sounds boring as all hell The road ahead will have us choosing recycled products over new, organic over conventional, natural fibers over synthetic, and continually questioning the way we do business. We won't be perfect, but you've got to start somewhere. In addition to our sourcing goals, we'll be donating 1% of gross revenue to environmental concerns around the world. Why? Because if we don't, we'll rot in hell with the rest of the Bush administration, and then get lumps of coal for Christmas. The last part may not be 100% true (the part about the lumps of coal), but the fact is, one day you just kind of wake up, and realize that this isn't a dress rehearsal. How we make our money is just as important as how we spend it." ::Swobo, via tip from Lloyd.

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