Swivel Head - Folding for Full Sized Bicycles


A while back we were pummelled for a post on the X bike, a design concept, with many saying it was impractical. But MAS Design, who conjured up that particular idea, do have other more commercial designs. At least that is the view of Pacific Cycles of Taiwan, who bought the rights to use their Swivel Head patents, which allow for the folding of full sized bicycles.

The technology will get its production debut at a bike trade show in March 2008 when Pacific Cycles launch three models under the 'IF' branding. And it is possible this will spur a new interest in folding bikes, because both companies have significant background in the alternative bike market. MAS Design created the Strida, while Pacific Cycles produce frames and parts for well known niche bicycles like Birdy and Airnimal, (as well as their own line of rather phantasmagorical bike creations)


The Swivel Head technology allows bikes to quickly fold into manageable commuter or storage sizes, with the added benefit that the compacted package can be easily wheeled along. As a general rule, although as always there are notable exceptions, most folders use small wheels because this leads to a tinier compacted size. Pacific will initially release the design in 20", 26" and 29" (700c) wheel sizes. ::Pacific Cycles

NB. you can see more pics of the hinging design itself at the Swivel Head link above. The unfolded bike pictured above is from Ming Cycle, who had access to the rights before Pacific Cycles. We haven't yet unearthed pics of their new models.

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