Sustrans Celebrates Growth in Car-Free Journeys

The national cycle network is replacing journeys taken by car photo

UK National Cycle Network Sees increase in Ridership
Warren was embarrassed way back in 2006 that we hadn't mentioned Sustrans — the UK's leading sustainable transport charity - before. But we've since made up for it with coverage of their win in the People's Millions competition and their "Change Your World" campaign. This wonderful charity's constantly growing profile and influence is undoubtedly having an effect - an effect that becomes increasingly important in the face of rising gas prices. According to their latest figures, which were recently announced, the number of trips taken on the national cycle network (Sustrans' flagship project) increased to 354 million in 2007 — that's a 4.7% growth on 2006. But this isn't just about breathable air or liveable streets - Sustrans had this to say about the economic and social importance of these numbers:
"With more and more people finding it increasingly expensive to maintain and run a car (amongst the poorest fifth of households who do own cars spend nearly a quarter of their income on the cost of motoring) the National Cycle Network is getting people around — 14 per cent of all journeys were made by people without access to a car.

And the Network now passes within a mile of 55 per cent of people living in the UK, giving more and more people the chance to exercise as part of their everyday lives. Over three quarters of all users say that having the Network in their community has helped them to increase the amount of physical activity they regularly take."

It's worth remembering that these figures were from 2007. It will be interesting to see what 2008 has in store.

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