Sustainability from Indiana to California Documented by Changing Gears

Images from Changing Gears, the tour across America in search of sustainable practices

Melissa is inspired by her experiences in the Netherlands and the first time she ate an heirloom tomato at the farmer's market in San Diego. Andy is looking for a thrill bigger than hitting a leadoff homerun in the final game of the Brownstown little league invitational tournament in 1989, when he was 12. Together, they are Changing Gears.

Melissa and Andy are pitting their relationship and their initially untrained bodies against a tour from Bloomington, Indiana, to the coast of California. Along the way, they are photographing and blogging about how sustainability is being expressed by the people and communities they meet. The higher goal is a documentary film about the journey across America and bringing the best ideas about sustainability back to their hometown at the end of the trip. Currently, the pair are wishing they could float over the flood devastation which throws unexpected detours at every curve. As any bike tourist knows, a short detour on a "tired day" can be a real psychological blow. But their posts and blog document both the unfortunate tragedy of high waters and the seeds of hope in sustainable destinations along their route, including videos of interviews with experts they meet along the way.

We wish Andy and Melissa luck. You might want to bookmark their site, Changing Gears, and enjoy the journey with them.

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