Survey: Majority in Washington D.C. area support more bike lanes

Washington DC bike survey
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More than 2x in favor

This opinion poll, brought to our attention by our friends at Baltimore Spokes, shows that a significant majority (66% vs 26%) of people surveyed are in favor of Washington DC having more "bicycle lanes on major roads". If you break down these numbers (see below), you find that it's the over 65 that are most opposed, and that the more educated you are, the more in favor of more bike lanes you tend to be.

Washington DC bike survey© WP

Washington DC bike survey© WP

While it's nice to see more than 2x more people in favor of more bike lane than against, I want to make the point that even if the results had been different, the main reason to build bike infrastructure is because it makes sense, not because it's popular. In most cities, cyclists are a minority. A growing minority, bit still a minority. Like other minorities, they shouldn't be bullied by the majority if all they're trying to do is to safely bike, something good for the environment, their health, and to reduce congestion on roads.

Via Baltimore Spokes

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