Support Our Friends at Streetsblog, You Could Win a Schwinn City Bike!

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Our friends at Streetsblog and Streetfilms do important work to promote more livable and pedestrian/cyclist-friendly cities across the U.S. and the world. But to keep going, they need your help! They've started a donation pledge drive, and to sweeten the deal a little, there are some pretty neat prizes:

We've got some great prizes to give away to lucky supporters. First, anyone who contributes $50 or more to Streetsblog NYC or Streetfilms by June 1 will be eligible to win a new Schwinn city bike courtesy of the excellent, family-run Ride Brooklyn bike shop on Bergen Street, just off of Flatbush. You can also enter the drawing by signing up to make a recurring monthly gift of just $4 or more — think of it as a subscription to the fine reporting and commentary you read on Streetsblog.

Here’s what the winner will take home thanks to the Ride Brooklyn folks: a Schwinn Jenny 7 or Schwinn Willy 7 — your choice.

So please consider helping out. Thanks!

Via Streetsblog

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