SuitSak Is A Garment Bag For Your Back

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After writing about the Cambridge Design Partnership's Suitpack, a reader tweeted me a link to the Suitsack, a garment bag designed as a backpack that is available now, as a way of Saving Money, Staying Fit and Going Green for only C$ 99.

Designer Chris Thom is an avid cyclist but has a day gig as an investment advisor, which requires a suit. He designed it out of frustration, and now has it in production. He writes on the website:

The SuitSak is a garment bag that can be worn on your back. It allows you to carry your suit, shirt, tie, belt, shoes, toiletries, lunch, laptop, files, books and almost anything else you need for a day’s work. The SuitSak is a revolutionary Green idea that allows people to leave their cars at home and ride their bikes to work and still look good when they get there. The SuitSak will allow you to save money, save gas, reduce your carbon footprint and be healthier.

Over at triplepundit, Paul Smith wondered if it wouldn't get hot and sweaty, and why it wasn't designed as a pannier bag that clipped onto a carrier. It is a good point, but this is a good start for the occasional commuting cyclist. I personally have found panniers to be a single-purpose pain, and am back to using a pack that you can carry anywhere. This looks good to me, at a reasonable price. More at Suitsak, warning: autostart audio

SuitSak Is A Garment Bag For Your Back
Last week I showed a new British design for a cycling backpack for suits; turns out that there is already one on the market, made in Vancouver.

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