Success! Video of New York City's Bike to Work Day

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Photo: StreetBlogs
NYC Saw a 35% Increase in Bike Commuting Between 2007 and 2008
New York City is in the middle of what our friends at StreetFilms call a bike "renaissance". These days there are about 185,000 daily riders on the streets of NYC, and "bike lanes, racks & other amenities are popping up everywhere" (including 200 miles of new bike routes over the past 3 years). As you know, last Friday was Bike to Work Day, an excellent occasion to recruit new riders. Below is a video that was shot on Friday in New York, check it out!

Maybe it's selection bias, but it seems to me like almost all the cyclists interviewed (in this video, and others) look like happy, healthy people. Maybe the others end up on the cutting room floor, but in general it's probably true that commuting by bicycle can improve both your stress level and health. Give it a try!


NYC was just one of many places. Here's Bike to Work Day in Orlando. Photo: Chris Scott, CC

Via StreetFilms
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