Success! Copenhagenize's Stolen Bike Found!

mikael copenhagenize stolen bike found photo

Photo courtesy of Mikael/
I Wish They Had Also Caught the Bike Thief Red-Handed...
A couple days ago, I wrote about the theft of Mikael's cargo bike in Copenhagen. I knew that the public plea for help was a long shot, but figured it couldn't hurt... Well, sometimes the coin falls on its side and low odd events do happen; it's my pleasure to report that the red Bullitt bike has been returned to its rightful owner. Read on for the details of how this happened.

The hero of this story, Christian. Photo courtesy of Mikael/

I can't tell this story better than Mikael, so here are his words:

"Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. I recieved a text message from Christian (at left, above) saying that he had spotted my red stolen Bullitt in his backyard in the Nørrebro neighbourhood.

I called him instantly. (I mean INSTANTLY) and we went over the details on the bike. There was no question it was The Missing Bullitt. [...]

Sure enough, there it was. My primary means of transport. Not locked to anything, with just a cheap wire lock through the wheel and frame. Christian had locked it with his own lock to the railing, just in case.

The guy who nicked it peeled a few of the stickers off - the Bike Portland ones, the Cycle Chic one, but left the main stickers on the sides intact. DUH! The little seat where my daughter sits on the crossbar was gone, as was the wheel lock, but that's about it. Almost completely as I last saw it.

I promptly threw Christian in the box and we rode to the nearest supermarket. Rewarding him with the traditional Danish summer menu: A case of Tuborg Classic, some potato chips and a bottle of Gammel Dansk."

mikael copenhagenize stolen bike found photo

Thanks Christian! Photo courtesy of Mikael/

Gotta love stories with good endings like this. I'm happy for you, Mikael!

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