Success! 2,000 cyclists participate in 5th annual Tour de Staten Island (video)

Tour de Staten Island
Screen capture SF/Vimeo

Transportation Alternatives is a great organization that promotes cycling, walking, and transit around the New York City area thanks to their 100,000 supporters and a committee of activists working locally in every borough. One of their initiatives to promote cycling, and show those who might not be paying attention that there is definitely demand for better infrastructure, is a series of bike tours that are open to the public.

The latest one took place on Staten Island, and our friend Clarence from Streetfilms was there with his trusty camera (that man is everywhere!). It looks like it was a blast, and with around 2,000 participants, it definitely made a statement that cyclists should be treated like first class citizens on the road. See for yourself:

If you are in the area, don't miss the next bike tours organized by TA:

-Tour de Brooklyn -- Sunday June 5
-Tour de Queens -- Sunday July 10
-NYC Century Bike Tour -- Sunday September 18

Via Streetfilms

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