Strida vs A-bike: Folding Bicycles Battle it Out

Bikes and mass transit are central to sustainable urban mobility, so no wonder we get so excited about folding bikes. We’ve drooled over the Strida before, and marvelled at the super-light A-bike. But what are they like to ride? We’ve just come across this popular video on YouTube of the UK’s Gadget Show testing the two out in a head-to-head race. Unfortunately, watching it means putting up with some pretty banal innuendo from the presenters, but seeing these things in action is certainly illuminating for anyone considering a purchase. We won’t spoil the conclusion by telling you which one wins, but anyone buying the A-bike should definitely purchase some padded bike shorts. For more options in folding bikes, take a look at some of our favorites. ::Strida::A-bike:: via The Gadget Show:: via YouTube::

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