Strida Folding Bike Update: Three New Models, New Colors for Spring 2009

strida folding bike new two speed spring 2009 photo

It doesn't get much better than the folding bike for flexible, convenient two-wheeled human-powered transport, and the Strida 5.0 is near the top of the list for small-wheeled folding bikes. The diminutive, angular folder weighs less than 25 pounds, and can fold and unfold in 5 seconds flat, making it a great option for storage to street to transit and back again.

Now, Strida is getting some updates, to be officially unveiled at the upcoming Interbike Expo, September 24-26 in Las Vegas. The new "MAS Special" is the fastest Strida to date. Inventor Mark Sanders has stripped the bike down to its simplest, most elegant form while adding some slick high-performance technology. At the heart of MAS’s speed and agility is the Schlumpf 2 speed drive – a sophisticated Swiss engineered drive system that allows the rider to shift seamlessly between high and low gears with a simple tap of the heel. Keep reading to see more pics of the slick shifter, and the other new versions of the folding bike.

strida folding bike MAS special two speed photo

Strida 5.0 MAS Special folding bike

The MAS Special, above, also includes a custom black anodized finish on frame and parts, an ergonomic racing saddle, and alloy cranks, chain ring, and pedals. Riders interested in similar two-speed performance with fewer bells and whistles will like the "Sport Duo," pictured below, which will offer the same Schlumpf 2 speed drive.

strida folding bike sportduo two speed photo

Strida 5 Sport Duo folding bike

Other new innovations in Strida include the XT, which has larger, 18-inch wheels and a larger frame to accommodate larger riders, plus some new colors. In addition to the brushed aluminum, black, white, yellow, pink, red, blue, special edition cream, and orange (currently only available at the Museum of Modern Art), the 5.0 now comes in eye-opening neon green -- y'know, so drivers will see you better.

strida folding bike multi colors neon green photo

Strida 5.0, now available in neon green

You can see all these slick new features in person at InterBike -- our pals from AreaWare will be there to show them off (booth #245); word on the street is that they'll be available in Spring 2009. Thanks to Noel at Areaware for the tip! ::Strida
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