Strida 5: The World's Simplest Folding Bike


We first spied the slick Strida 3 folding commuter bike a few years back and thought it was pretty cool; they're now ready to unleash the Strida 5 on the world ("the world's simplest folding bike," they call it), and have made some notable improvements. It's lighter at 19.4 pounds (compared to 22), uses disc brakes (instead of drum) and has alloys for the rims and hubs (instead of nylon and plastic). All this, and it still folds down in six seconds to a handy, diminutive size that lends itself oh so well to the short commute.

The 5 is scheduled to ship in silver and red on October 25, with all other colors (black, blue, orange, pink, white and yellow) on December 7; get more info and pics over at the Strida site. ::Strida via ::swissmiss

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