StreetStrider: Cross Country Skiing on Stand-Up Trike (Video)

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Remember those stories about how bike seats apparently caused havoc with male sexual performance? And how no-nose seats like the X-seat ? Well, David Kraus, an associate professor in Biology and Environmental Health Sciences at University of Alabama at Birmingham reckons he might have the solution for you. The StreeStrider.

Basically it's a NordicTrack elliptical exercise machine on three wheels, so you can take it outdoors. (Imagine that -- exercising under the sky not a gym roof. What will they think of next?) As you pump the foot platforms they turn the crank and eight speed gearing on the rear wheel. Riders stand up with no seat to pinch their delicate parts. It does look intriguing in the video.

Cross Country skiers have long been considered to have the best all round aerobic fitness of most athletes, largely because they pretty much an all-body work-out. StreetStrider's makers suggest like nordic skiers you'll enlist your arms, back, legs, and shoulders to move the 23 kg (51 lb) trike.

It does appear that it can climb hills, coast, corner and do most things a bike can accomplish. Although its name does suggest it is most fond of pathed areas, and we don't imagine it jumps kerbs all that well.

Apparently it debuted on the US version of the weight-loss TV show Biggest Loser, but is now available to the general public for about $1,500 USD.

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The sales pitch unfortunately screams late night television, a space normally haunted by ab machines. We trust this human powered vehicle has a more useful life than most of those other exercise devices.

::StreetStrider, via Outdoor Retailer

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