StreetBike — A Modern Day Pony Express


Yes, we know there are plenty of bike courier companies out there. But as this writer rides a much loved 16 year old Moulton AM7, we do profess a certain bias. It would appear that StreetBike provide their riders with orange Moulton FX8s, (which apparently also glow-in-the-dark though we couldn't unearth quite how) a uniform, insurance and a 10% stake in the business. In turn the couriers, adhere to London's road rules, whilst transporting important documents, computers and goldfish throughout the city. They reckon they will pick up goods within 20 minutes of receiving the internet placed order and have it delivered pretty much anywhere in London in about 90 minutes. StreetBike observe that the Department of Transport found the average speed of London motor vehicles was 11mph, whereas their riders "would not be happy if they were travelling at less than 15mph [24kph]." Each of the riders works a 'cell' in the city region with secure drop boxes on the perimeter of that cell. Using this method they pass the baton, so to speak, across town, in a manner somewhat reminiscent of the old Pony Express. Tracking of goods is via a sophisticated internet/mobile phone messaging system. The Moultons, made by Pashley, can carry up to 21kg (equivalent to 60 potatoes!). Should they break down they have a 60mpg Smart car, called 'Carter' to rescue them. ::StreeBike.