St.Pancras Protest


Not everyone was pleased about the opening of the new Eurostar train and the St. Pancras International Station. On the big day of the first Eurostar journey to Paris, 100 hardy members of the Camden Cycling Campaign were driving around in circles, literally, at the station. Then protesters invaded the station and blew whistles before they were evicted by police.

They were protesting the lack of safe, secure bicycle parking facilities nearby. They were also upset at the one-way traffic system which complicated and endangered cyclists' approach to the place. In addition, Eurostar, despite its much publicised green policies, only allows bicycles on board "within 24-hours"; that means not necessarily on the same train as the passenger is on.

Happily there appears to be a resolution to these issues. Eurostar has agreed to let bicyclists bring their bicycles with them on the same train that they are travelling. St. Pancras has now provided 100 safe and secure parking spaces. And who said that protests don't work! :: Camden Cycling Campaign

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