Stickers For Those Jerks Who Park in Bike Lanes


UPDATE: We have prepared a survey on this question here.

Yesterday was my first day bicycling in snow, as part of my experiment to try and ride in the City all winter this year, no matter how cold or snowy it gets, to see how I, the City and the cars all cope. The first problem I note: when it is snowing, it is really important that cars do not park in the bike lane. Travelling in a straight line is easy; it is when you turn and go from snow to slush to ice and back, that you get into real trouble.

But in Toronto, bike lanes are designated parking spaces for Fedex trucks, SUV ladies running into shops, just about anyone. It appears to be the same in New York, where the new Bleeker Street lane is already blocked by cars and one wag noted that the DOT might as well just paint the words "PLEASE DOUBLE PARK HERE" in all of the new lanes. ::Streetsblog via ::Biking Toronto

There is a new organization to fight this; they have prepared stickers that say "I parked in a bike lane" that cyclists can stick on cars that are blocking the lane.


"I Parked In A Bike is a humble movement aimed at raising driver awareness towards the problems associated with blocking bike lanes. Cyclists know how unsafe this can be, but something about being hulled up inside two tons of steel seems to lead to an obliviousness (or perhaps indifference) to these issues."

The idea for the stickers isn't novel and I don't claim to own this idea. But I do feel it is necessary to facilitate a more bike-conscious general public, especially in cities like New York where bikes are so prevalent. I felt the stickers were direct enough to be effective for motorists, fun enough to be used by cyclists and subtle enough not to incite a totally counter-productive angry reaction from recipients. However, experience has shown that motorists show a range of reactions to these stickers. So PLEASE exercise caution when using these stickers, however you may. It's not worth getting run over, after all...::I Parked in a Bike Lane. org

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