The State of Wyoming may require cyclists to wear high-vis vests, carry ID

can you see me now shirt
CC BY 2.0 Lloyd Alter/ seen on Queen Street in Toronto

There is no question, people are easier to see when they are wearing high visibility clothing. That's why construction workers now do it, and crossing guards. In the State of Wyoming, some legislators want cyclists to do it too; they would have wear a minimum of 200 square inches “of high-visibility fluorescent orange, green or pink color clothing visible from the front and rear of the bicycle.” They would also have to carry state issued photo ID and have lights, which are already required in the state anyway.

Cyclists think it's crazy, according to Jackson Hole News.

“As far as the actual threat posed to public safety, a far greater good would be achieved by focusing on risky behavior of motorists,” [Jackson Hole Community Pathways Coordinator Brian] Schilling said. “Since they are operating vehicles with far greater potential for causing injury or death, they also have greater responsibility for safe operation of those vehicles.”

Pretty soon we are all going to be seeing comments in news articles when cyclists get hit along the lines of "the cyclist was not wearing a reflective vest", like they do now about helmets. And as Jeff Speck tweeted,

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