SpokePOV: Turn your Bike into a Billboard


I so want this for my bike. SpokePOV uses the "persistence of vision" feature of the human brain (the reasons movies look smooth instead of 24 jerky pictures per second) to create images from 30 LEDs mounted on the spokes of your wheel. Using provided software, you program a bitmap image, download it to the unit and then fasten it to your bike. You have to ride at 15mph to get an image with one strip of LEDs, or you can mount two units and cruise at 10mph. Very detailed instructions are provided on the site, and a complete kit is only $ 37.50. LED's are not only going to change the world, they are going to pimp my ride. ::Spoke POV

UPDATE: Hey, this was on HUGG two weeks ago!


The instructions are very detailed, complete with pictures of every step;


Mounting on the bike. Warning: not recommended for rainy days.


Spin the wheel and you have a message!