Spinlister's new bike sharing system will sell you a smart bike to rent out

Spinlister VanMoof smart bike
© Spinlister

Users can buy a smart VanMoof bicycle from Spinlister and rent it out on demand through the company's mobile app.

Spinlister, a peer-to-peer bike sharing platform, and VanMoof, a Dutch bike manufacturer, have teamed up to launch a new type of decentralized bike share service, centered around a new "smart bike" that owners can rent out through the Spinlister app.

Instead of relying on centralized bike sharing hubs or stations, and on subsidization from private companies or municipalities, this new bike share model aims to challenge the conventional bike share model and help bike owners turn their bicycles into "a profitable revenue stream."

"A bike share owned by the people, for the people – the first fully sustainable bike share model of its kind." - Spinlister

The new bike sharing system, which will launch first in Portland, Oregon, will use an exclusive smart bike from VanMoof that includes an integrated Bluetooth lock, an anti-theft tracking system, an onboard computer that connects to the Spinlister app and website, and a dynamo-powered lighting system, as well as a host of other great features, and are said to be "bikes that people actually want to own and ride."

"This new decentralized bike-share model will take the traditional system of a central hub or station, and turn it on its head. From a renter’s perspective, they can simply use the Spinlister app to locate a bike, book it, unlock it and ride away. From an owner’s perspective, they’re able to conveniently make money, help people, and participate in the worlds first sustainable bike share model." - Andrew Batey, Spinlister CMO

The VanMoof smart bikes for the Spinlister bike share system will begin shipping in late summer of 2015, and those interested in being one of the first to own one in their city can sign up at Spinlister Smart Bike.

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