Specialbike: In Name and Practice


14,000 posts and still there are gems out there we’re slow to unearth. Take Specialbike, for instance. This British company, based in occasionally sunny Brighton, take the daggy cast-offs of the bicycle world, and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, affect a reincarnation. Basically they find a frame with the right end-use function and geometry for each customer. From a woman’s step thru frame with groovy shopping basket, to a hill hooning MTB. They strip them down and send ‘em off for sand blasting and a powder coating - in your selection from a kaleidoscope of cheery colours. Next they’ll reassemble your custom steed with appropriate components. Voila! Where once was a rusty looking heap, with dirt grimed gears, now stands a fresh bike, ready for new adventures. Specialbike say that, with about two million bikes sold in the UK annually, there is no shortage of old frames to work their magic on. Not only do they recover the frames, but where the components are of sufficient calibre they’ll give those a second lease of life too, often pairing them with some new parts. As they say, ‘the result is not cheap, but nor is it expensive’ — for a custom bike, anyhow. Prices have ranged from £250 to £1,000. They also stock some one-off models, if dreaming up your own custom bike does your head in. We particularly liked the tone of writing on their site. A little like the casual, personal style we enjoyed from Swobo. Anyhow, if you are in Blighty do look them up. ::Specialbike, via David Report.

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