Someone Targeting Cyclists in Ottawa?

Owl capture

An Ottawa resident wrote on her blog about her experience being attacked for no apparent reason while she was riding her bike, and she wasn't the only one:

VIOLENT CRIME ALERT: There is a group of people traveling at night deliberately running cyclists off the road in Ottawa, Ontario. They swerved at me shouting abuse on Friday night, and I ended up in the hospital. They were driving a silver Honda. They were spotted in Old Ottawa South last night as well victimizing a cyclist. PLEASE report ANY abuse you see to police immediately. The police did not get my information on Friday night because I was medicated and in shock. PLEASE, I need your help badly, spread the word and contact the Ottawa police IMMEDIATELY. (source)

Important: I'm posting this with the caveat that I can't verify this story and can't be sure all this happened the way it is described. But I'm hoping that by giving more visibility to this, that if someone knows or has seen something, that they can contact the Ottawa police and get this Silver-Honda-driving maniac off the road.

Via Astonishing Owl Girl!

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