Some Politicians Still Don't Think Bikes and Pedestrians Deserve Their Share


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Ray Lahood's policy on bikes and pedestrians didn't say that they have to get the same money and the same space as other transportation modes; it simply said that they should be considered as equals. "Because of the benefits they provide, transportation agencies should give the same priority to walking and bicycling as is given to other transportation modes. Walking and bicycling should not be an afterthought in roadway design."

I mean, who in their right minds could be against encouraging people to get out and walk or bike? A handful of bike-spiting politicians, that's who. We won't even go to the crazy sites like the one Pablo referenced in his post, where they claim that LaHood wants to put your disabled grandma on a bike. Let's just listen to elected politicians:


The future of American transportation if Ray LaHood has his way

As collected by Boston Biker:

• Ohio Representative Steven LaTourette suggested that LaHood must be on drugs to believe biking and walking were equal modes of transportation. In Courthouse news:

He suggested that environmental sustainability projects have "stolen" $300 million from other programs and to attacked LaHood's encouragement of bicycling, on a personal level. "If it's not a typo, is there still mandatory drug-testing at the department?"

• Iowa Representative Latham suggested that "real transportation needs" were being swept aside when funding is spent on bicycling and walking.
• Missouri Senator Kit Bond, at a hearing two weeks ago, asked LaHood, "When did it become the responsibility of the federal DOT to build sidewalks?"
• Oklahoma senator and ranking republican on the Environment and Public Works Committee, James Inhofe, criticized the Oberstar draft bill as having "focus[ed] very heavily on transit, bike paths, and sidewalks."

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