Solar Stereo-In-a-Milk-Crate Rocks Your Commute for National Bike to Work Week

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You have just today and tomorrow to whip this up if you want to rock it during National Bike to Work Week, but even if you are going to weekend-warrior it, this solar powered stereo would be a great addition to your bike for at least the rest of May, which is officially Bike to Work Month. If you're a bike commuter, you likely already have a spot set up to carry a milk crate, and if you don't, you want one anyway!The project is brought to you by Instructables user mbmosher, who walks you through creating the solar powered stereo that easily fits onto your bike's saddle bag rack. The materials list is fairly extensive, and you'll need at least some basic garage-project tools kills, but all said, you can probably whip this up by Monday, and you'll be well on your way to having a boom-bike:

It'd be very cool to see this modified to be pedal powered so it plays only while you cycle. Then again, that takes away some of the fun of sound system smack downs with cars waiting alongside you at stop lights.

Ubergizmo points out that you can also hook this up to a 12v DC, but that kinda defeats the point.

Another cool project to try out when you're done with this one is a "trickle charging auto-switching LED helmet" - in other words, a bike helmet with a solar powered LED that turns on when you buckle your chin strap.

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Photo via berserk

Very awesome.

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