The Sno bike would be useful right now.

sno in snow
© Venn Design Consultancy

I could so use this today, when the bike lanes become the snow pile lanes and it is impossible to get around on a bike. Just bring out the Sno and go. It has a ski on the front fork and what looks almost like a tank tread on the double rear wheels (probably overkill, the tires would be enough.

sno side© Venn Design Consultancy

Eren of Venn Industrial Design Consultancy in Turkey writes:

We decided to came up with a humble conceptual design to express our way of ‘doing the ride thing’. As said, a humble conceptual design that touches a little to frame structure by using tensile elements, a little to power efficiency by messing with the transmission and a little to handling performance by increased contingence and weight distribution on double-butt. We love snow as much as we love to ride; it results “Sno”, for doing the ride thing!

sno from rear© Venn Design Consultancy

Nice ride. I think it will even get through Toronto's new bike lane:

Bike lane full of snow© Bike TO

The Sno bike would be useful right now.
This idea for a bike with a ski and a serious tread on its rear could get through anything.

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