Smart Safety Design Turns Bike Lock Into Hazard Light

signal lock LED warning light image

Images via Yanko Design

Safe cycling is a huge part of transitioning to a bike-friendly world, and that means great ideas for lighting and road safety products that don't weigh down the cyclist. The Signal Lock LED bike lock/light is a perfect example of a multi-functional product that keeps both the cyclist and the bike safe. The lock turns into a glowing road hazard sign for when you're stopped on the side of the road at night. The design by CHen Guan-Yuan, shown off at Yanko Design, is fairly basic. The frame of the lock holds a collapsible triangle made of LED light strips, which is propped up by the lock itself when placed on the ground. Why the strips aren't just reflective, we aren't sure. And exactly how to charge the LEDs is unclear. However LED lights would likely be safer since they're visible regardless of the lights of oncoming traffic -- plus you'd be able to keep it turned on and hooked to your backpack or bike for extra lighting while riding. Clever idea -- and you could probably DIY a similar design yourself while waiting for this concept to come to market.

signal lock LED warning light image

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