Smart Helmet: Feeds Your Brain and Protects it Too

A study of head injuries shows that they are down 35% since helmets became compulsory in Canada ten years ago , yet many people still don't wear them. Perhaps if they had Ted Selker's Smart Helmet they would think differently; it has a few tricks (and a PIC microprocessor) built in, including GPS so that you can record potholes and problems for future warnings; turn signals that activate by tilting your head; handsfree cell phone; fire siren detectors that mute the iPod and my favourite: If the wearer yells at an unruly motorist, the helmet will activate a horn at a higher decibel than the human noise. Selker said this feature helps keep him out of trouble with motorists."As a bicyclist, people don't like it when I yell". Selker, an MIT Media LAB research scientist, uses it to commute to work; It might be a bit heavy for our road bike, but we want one now. ::CNET