Slidepad. Regenerative ABS Braking for Bicycles?

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Regenerative Braking for Bicycles?
Well, that's what the company marketing the Slidepad suggest, anyhow. Kinda. They say that their product works by capturing "the momentum of the rotating rear wheel and transfers that power to actuate the front brake." Slidepad is, they believe, also the first ever true (ABS style) anti-lock front braking for bikes.
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Slidepad has additional benefits too. It works with existing bikes as it can be retrofitted to most front cable activated front brakes (assuming there is a rear linear pull brake system.) Both front and rear brakes can be activated with a single brake lever making cycling simpler, and, we're told, safer. (It's supposed to reduce the bike stresses that result in head-over-handlebars accidents.

We're all for products that make cycling safer, and thus more acceptable as a legitimate alternative form of transport for increasing numbers of people.

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